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As  living creatures, all we need is good food and happy long sleep!!

The condition of difficulty falling asleep or having an inadequate and poor quality of sleep is INSOMNIA. It is the world’s most common sleeping disorder. As per recent surveys and statistics, there are around 33% of Australian adults diagnosed with Insomnia. Usually, the incidence of Insomnia increases with increase in age .

What causes Insomnia :

1.Internal factors                          

a) Chronic illness
b) sleep apnea 
c) Under long term medications
d) orthopaedic pains                         
e) frequent urge for urine during nights
f) stress, PTSD , anxiety etc mental factors etc.

2. External factors

a)Improper lifestyle
b) substance abuse
c) Excessive travelling
d) disturbed surrounding environment

Features and effects of Insomnia :

Time to fall sleep that takes more than 30 minutes , interrupted sleep which can be either be short term or long term that lead to fatigue ,lack of concentration , heaviness of the head ,low appetite for the rest of the day , loss of libido ,poor digestion levels , hair-loss ,poor psychological status etc.

What Ayurveda speaks about Insomnia :

Ayurveda mentioned sleep as one among three basic life supporting pillars named ‘TRAYUPASTHAMBA ‘. As per classical texts of Ayurveda Insomnia is referred to a condition called ‘ANIDRA OR NIDRANASHA ‘.It is one among the serious diseases caused by humour vata (air element).Usually the tamo guna (calm and slugish state of mind ),Kapha dosha (mucous component of body), aids to get sound sleep.When vitiated humour vata dosha (air element) in turn vitiates the tamoguna and kapha dosha it lead to disturbed sleep.Sometimes increased pitta dosha (heat component of body) due to excess heat in the body can also cause Anidra.

How Ayurvedic treatment can give a solution to Insomnia :

Ayur health care can give the best of it in dealing insomnia through variety of ayurvedic treatments like shirodhara (continous pouring of warm oil to forhead), Nasya (herbal nasal drops installation), abhyanga (hot oil massage), padhabhyanga( foot massage) eventually reduce the stress hormone levels and increase the production of melatonin (sleep hormone). Herbs having medicinal values like yastimadhu (liquorice), brahmi (bacopa monneiri), guduchi (tinosporacordifolia)are given internally by our skilled Ayurvedic practitioners. Perfect diet and life style plans including the method to practise meditation and breathing exercises are guided by our experts.