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Urticaria or hives occurs as a part of reactivity of the immune system marked  by excessive histamine secretion , redness and severe itching. But the cause of urticaria are multifactorial .some urticarial responses start from cold (cold urticaria) heat (solar urticaria) friction urticaria ( from rubbing while seated) contact with certain metals (while wearing watches). It also develops during viral infections ,otitis media ,in a broad disease Association of hives.

In ancient Ayurvedic classics urticaria is described into categories (udarda) where itching is dominant with Kapha dosha (humour) more morbid and (shita pitta) where kapha and Pitta both are morbid with observable redness and dermographism .Allergies are wrong responses of the body on certain morbidities weather physical or chemical often it is an auto response. Although autosomal dominant inheritance plays role in allergies, gene environment  interaction counts.

In Ayur Healthcare, we approaches hives by means of its blood purifying and total detoxification approach by medicines for hives. purifactory Panchakarma treatments to clean channels of the body are used. All allergies  arise from hyper response of the body Immunomodulatory medicines and blood purification render intact epithelium and modulated immune system for a remission of symptoms of idiopathic urticaria .The detoxification of the body drains out poisons which work

in the body after infections.Medicines which remain in body owing to lowered detoxification capacity of body are excreted .These relieves the strain of immune system and it functions correctly when the three humours vata Pitta and kapha reach and equilibrium. Thus escaping the sedative symptom of antihistamine therapy which can only control symptoms .Ayurveda works on the reactive action of human body, decreasing its toxic load and re modulating the immune system provides good excellence of epithelium both external and internal. stabilising the growth of unfruitful hyper reactions of immune system.

In Ayur Healthcare treatment modalities for hives are unique and are formulated by the Practitioner as per the multifactorial etiology of hives . But the main emphasis lies in modulating the immune system by every means. Allergic conditions such as hives are a situation in which human body is incapable to do anything and needs expert medical attention.

In Ayur Healthcare we provide effective treatment for Hives. Medicine in the form of decoctions as per the treaties are given as a part of palliative step this is given for a period of regeneration of the skin.

The second step is the Panchakarma shodhana therapy with external and internal
purification. Internal purification involved highly judicious oleation therapy on controlled soft diet tips andsubsequent mild purgation.

External purification involves finding out the tranquility of mind and skin by takradhara(medicated buttermilk) and starting of anointing oil which is antipruritic.

Detoxified does internally and externally the body immune system gets modulated and the longcourse of chronic urticaria gets relieved.

Oleation therapy is continuous to the decoction therapy. As we know the immune system has three types of t cells which when in modulation maintain the body healthy.This is done by fortifying the body with strategy of recognise and attack antigens and destroy them to have remission from the reactive phase. The recognise and attack strategy of helper t cells ,the controlling reaction of t and B cells is vested in suppressor t cells when these function well in non stimulated environment there is no allergy. when the body has endotoxins, these reactions of bodies fundamental defence go wrong and the tolerance of the body to recognise body and its proteins as self antigens goes blind.Thus a blind and deaf war sets in called  idiopathic allergy.

The benefit of oleationtion and purification vested under the formulating genius of an Ayurvedic Practitioner is that the fatty substances are absorbed into the  lymphatic system. so unlike decoction therapy which is water soluble here, the immune system is directly influenced and the tolerance of detoxified body attains result in a complete remission of an altered response of the body as in hives.