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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue Syndrome constitutes a course of signs and symptoms of extreme fatigue which does not respond to rest, pain and mental dysfunction. Though the causes may be related to some viral infections , the approachtowards at least a complete remission of the disease condition are limited.

What can Ayurveda offer:

At this point of confusion the ancient Science of Ayurveda offers hope with herbal medicine, lifestyle and diet modification and detoxifying therapies. Health is a state of Complete physical and mental wellbeing , but for Ayurveda health is a state of complete balance of doshas (the functional humors), Agni (the metabolic fire in each level of body organization), dhatus (balanced health and wt of tissues ) and malas (balanced detoxification through the excretory functions). In Supreme state of body health the body has ojas (the essence of excellence of all dhatus). When ojas is decreased immunity is affected in many ways resulting into diseases. Hence Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatment aims at rebuilding the ojas.

Ayurveda considers Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as an imbalance of vata; the air factors affecting the quality of tissues and resulting into low immunity and tolerance, pain, anxiety and fatigue. The treatment of chronic fatigue Syndrome constitutes a systemic plan of analysis of the patient for his doshic state(state of humours)evaluating the root causes to device the selective protocol for treatment.

At Ayur Healthcare, The treatment constitutes, Pacifying the vata System with Pancha Karma therapies- the gentle and effective Ayurvedic detox therapies- selected as per the analysed protocol. Ayur Health Care offers tailored plans of  Panchakarma to meet your needs and make to it practical and affordable at the same time!

Traditional combinations of herbs are recommended to balance the doshas, improve absorption and nourishment and support with energy and pain management. Ayur Healthcare stocks a wide range of Ayurvedic herbal combinations including that for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Massage therapies like udwartana (Ayurvedic herbal scrub), Abhyanga (Ayurvedic hot oil massage), Shirodhara (streaming of warm oil at forehead which offers complete relaxation) etc are very helpful to improve metabolism, address the symptoms and heal the imbalances. Ayur Health Care offers all the Ayurvedic massage therapies in very traditional and effective way.

Advising yoga therapy as it provides hypometabolic deep relaxation. Doing  Rasayana (rejuvenation) medical regime helps to rebuild OJAS the Supreme Core of complete health and to eradicate the disease completely.