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Netra Basti – Akshi Tarpan – Eye Treatment

Netra Basti / Akshitarpan (Ayurvedic Eyes Rejuvenation):- Askhi means eyes and tarpan means nourishment, giving strength to the eyes.

Akshi tarpan is one of the specialized treatments for various eye disorders. Akshi tarpan acts as a preventative and curative medical aid for maintaining perfect health. Akshi tarpan is a procedure where a warm medicated ghee (clarified butter) is made to stay stagnant within the eyes for a speculated time in a specific formed frame.

All our day to day activities are dependent on our vision. We carry out these activities depending on what we tend to see and perceive. The visual information is so reworked into several activities. This also means that the eye is constantly carrying burden for performance pressure and stress.
When the eye health is perfectly good, we tend to get pleasure from the colourful manifestations of the globe. Stress and strain related disorders of the eye are common within the gift era of computers and gadgets..Computer eye syndrome is very common nowadays.

Ayurveda offers wonderful and effective time tested remedies for eye disorders and eye strain. Netra Basti/ Tarpana tops the list of Ayurvedic remedies meant for coping with diseases associated with eye and vision

Procedure of Netra Basti/ Akshitarpan.

The treatment begins with permitting the patient to lie down on the back with a correct back support. Then an Akshitarpan ring is built around the eye with the help of black gram dough, then the Akshitarpan ring is filled with lukewarm medicated ghee (Clarified Butter). The temperature of ghee is constantly maintained by the Ayurveda practitioner..
The patient is instructed to keep the eyes closed whereas the medicated ghee is being poured into the ring. Later, Patient is asked to open & close the eye slowly, intermittently & steadily. This permits the inner anatomical parts of the eyes to come in contact with the ghee.

The medicament is left in place for a particular time period depending on the disease to be treated. After retaining of ghrita for a stipulated time period, the ghrita is drained out through a hole created at the bottom of the dough wall, near the outer corner of the eye, and after that the eye is irrigated with lukewarm herbal medicated decoction.

Patient is advised to avoid bright light shortly after the procedure.


  • It is said to be an excellent treatment to improve blurred vision
  • Removes dark circles beneath the eyes.
  • Revitalises and rejuvenates tired, dry, rough and injured eyes
  • Reduces burning sensation
  • Strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes
  • Beneficial in Eye strain because of constant glaring of the computer or television screen, eye strain because of precision job like jewellery designing and long distance drive
  • Cleanses eyes by removing dirt from the cornea.
  • Prevents formation of cataract


  • Burning in the eyes
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Chronic Conjunctivitis
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Watering and cloudiness of the eyes
  • Night Blindness
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Squinting
  • Refractive errors of the eyes.
  • Early stages of retinitis pigmentosa
  • Early stages of retinopathy
  • Ptosis

Duration of the treatment: 60 minutes. $100