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Post Natal Massage

60 min | $100 ; with steam $120

90 min | $140 ; with steam $160

It is well said that delivery is a rebirth  of every women. Here comes a practical and a pampering surprise for the new mums. Post natal period is exciting and highly demanding -there by debilitating- at the same time. Apart from the increased physical needs, the trauma of child birth, irregular sleep, demands of breast feeding and challenging emotional strain creates a chaos during post natal period. A well nourishing session of Post natal massage using herbalised oils helps to relax, lubricate and rejuvenate the body. It helps with pains, aches and stiffness and to prevent post natal depression and other possible musculoskeletal skeletal disorders of this period.

A session of steam boosts the results of Post natal massage and traditionally considered as an indispensable part of post natal care. Post natal massage promotes the functional capacity of the tendons, muscles and nerves which are in a stressful condition and enhances the milk secretion. The calmness and a stress free mind are assured by this massage. It plays a superior role in balancing the hormones by the ayurvedic natural hormone balancing herbs and thus guarantees a result on discomfort and fatigue.  Multiple sessions are recommended for long lasting results and to address specific illnesses.

*The duration of sessions are approximate.