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Ayurvedic Treatment for NAVEL DISPLACEMENT


The Navel, also called the Nabhi Chakra or solar plexus in the Ayurveda natural healing science. Navel displacement is characterized by a possible shift in the navel center.
And associated with digestive troubles.


Navel displacement may be caused due to lifting heavy weights, routine hard work that involves an excessive strain or pressure to the abdominal muscles. Unhealthy eating habits can also trigger gastric troubles which are associated with navel displacement.

Sign and Symptoms

Navel displacement reflects disturbances in the functions of the digestive system. As a result, patients may experience loose motions, changes in appetite, bloating, heaviness.

These symptoms of navel displacement along with discomfort and pain may also make a person physically weak. An inefficient digestive system functioning may cause deficiency of the essential nutrients due to the lack of absorption of food.

In rare cases, the navel protrudes or bulges outside from the abdomen. A protruding navel could be a sign of an umbilical hernia.

Pathology of navel displacement

The umbilicus lies at the front of the abdominal region and is believed to be perpendicular to a point between the third and the fourth lumbar vertebrae.A shift in this normal position of the navel may indicate an underlying associated abnormality, which could affect the digestive system. The shift of the navel can occur at either or both the anatomical parts of the navel, the Umbilical Tip ; or the periumbilical skin. The central part of the umbilicus is formed by the umbilical tip, also known as the belly button. It is encircled by the periumbilical skin.

Outies refers to the parts of the umbilical tips that rise above the level of periumbilical skin while the part of the umbilical tip below the level of the Periumbilical skin is called the Innies. Navel displacement may cause a distortion of these parts of the umbilicus.

Ayurvedic management for navel displacement at Ayur Healthcare

Our highly experienced Ayurvedic practitioners at Ayur Healthcare can recommend an appropriate Ayurvedic treatment. Natural treatments for navel displacement guided by practitioners may be beneficial to correct the position of the umbilicus. The Dharan treatment is aimed at restoring the normal functions of the digestive system with herbal oil massages and other supportive therapies.

The Navel displacement treatment is also aimed at reducing weight if obesity is found to be the cause of this issue. Patients may also need to practice the yoga recommended by practitioners to control the movements of the muscles in the abdomen in order to bring the umbilicus to its natural position. Our highly skilled practitioners at Ayur Healthcare may prescribe natural Ayurveda herbal supplements according to patients’ condition.