Well worth the Money spent. The recommendation to have a steam bath was good as it took all the oily stuff out and made the experience more relaxing. Refreshing and no talking in between best part. – (08/02/2019)

Hannah Kate

My health is my responsibility. Thank you for giving me tools to accelerate my healing. Thank you Thank you Thank you. – (28/02/2019)


Thanks to Ayur Healthcare for helping me with my long-standing digestive issues, where western + Tcm has not helped. I particularly liked Abhyanga massage + steam, explanation relating illness, diet, day to day life with treatment or medicine. – (02/03/2019)


Covered all the muscle groups and pain points while checking for pressure. Excellent therapy, customer service, quality of care and ambience. – (11/01/2019)


The quality of the service was amazing throughout my treatments. I ended up going back to stress free and happier me. – (4 august 2018)

Viren Khatri

Service was professional & relaxing. Very pleased with the results and able to sleep without feeling congested. Nasya service in the last 10 days has been very good treatment for my congestion and sleep insomnia- (10/06/2018).

Shivananda Dharmalingam

Ayur Healthcare is one of the best I have ever been to for getting treated in a natural way. One of the best decisions I made was to come here & get treated. I have really found myself in a peaceful & productive manner.(21 August 2018)