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Menopause Issues

Menopause is the transition state of a women where there will be hormonal fluctuations from the mid of her 40’s and 50’s .In this phase she enters the stage of menopause from the reproductive phase when it’s about one year after she misses her first period. It is purely a normal physiology. There can be anxiety and depression, mood swings, fatigue, hot flushes, irritability, vaginal dryness, dysuria, headaches, palpitations, joint pains and aches, more facial hairs and insomnia. These are mainly due to ovaries stop producing the hormones oestrogen and progesterone resulting in the declining of fertility period.

Menopause can be well managed with Ayur Healthcare’s herbal preparations consisting of different formulations made out of herbs like Satavari, sankhapushpi, Bhrami ,Aswagandha and Arjuna. These drugs have showed increased improvement in hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia, palpitations and joint pains associated with menopause in many research studies. In Australia 86% of the menopausal women consult general practitioner at least once to sort out their menopausal problems.

Mental health is very important in these cases because this is the time where a women goes through lots of physical and psychological changes and the vulnerability for the onset of mental health problems are very high It can also be like the aggravation of the symptoms for a person who is already undergoing menopause especially bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and depression. Exercise regularly, Try to go to bed and wake up at the same timing, and make herbs a part of your diet. Ayur Healthcare helps you sort out the menopausal issues by helping you get your personalised herbal diet chart and routines with the help of expert Practitioner. Feel free to talk about your menopausal problems to our specialist and get everything sorted out and live a stress free life.

Considering the joint health, even though normal arthralgic pain tends to increase with the age, sex hormones play a great role in the aggravation of musculoskeletal problems in women’s health. Fragile hips and loose joints are main complaints. The oestrogen’s also have a big role in the cardio protection. After menopause chances of stroke and heart diseases are high in case of peri and post-menopausal women .Women with a disruptive life style should go for regular screenings for heart and bone health. Prevention and supportive therapy is the best medicine to go with the musculoskeletal problems related to menopause. Quit alcohol and smoking; eat a fiber rich and nutritious food involving calcium and proteins. Avoid junk food, reduce your salt intake. Have a good sun bath because vitamin D is very essential for you.

Cosmetically changes in the body contour, shape and increasing wrinkles are yet other problems related to the change in hormones. Cognitive functions get altered and she may find difficulty in attention, memory span ,diminished capacity to accomplish newly learned multifaceted tasks and Reduced attention span, handling finances, shopping and using transportation might become more difficult. Eating good food rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and DHA like fishes, occupy yourself in a variety of social activities, make a habit of doing cognitive exercises like reading, crossword and puzzles. Do brain exercises to improve memory and language skills. These all will help in the variations in serotonergic transmission which can have effects on memory tasks.

In Ayurveda all these can be considered under swabhavika or natural diseases. The cessation of menstruation for at least complete I year can be considered as the starting of menopausal age. In Ayurveda it can also be of different types. If a very early cessation occurs it can be either because of hormones or lack of proper measures taken care to look after the body. In this type of menopause special medications and therapies are very essential because they hinder the quality of life of women to a very big extent. Here Vata Dosha and rasa Dhatu can be considered as the main culprits. In normal age related menopause the reduction of Kapha and increase of Vata vrudhi occurs and roksha property will be more predominant in the body leading to the symptoms. In normal age related menopause pitha becomes the main culprit so depending upon the constitution of the person the Ayurvedic specialist will decide the herbs and treatment.

Ayur Healthcare specializes in managing these tantrums and helps to lead a hassle free life .The different packages by Ayurcare aiming at preventive and curative therapies are treatments for brain health. Arthritis special treatment for joint health and cosmetic therapy. Therapies for brain health include varieties of Moordha taila applications (Different formulations and mode of treatments specially applied to head using personalized herbal medicines). Rasayana is yet another classification of herbs which can give rejuvenation for the body.

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